How is push2pay a one-of-a-kind donation solution for Non-Profits?

Paperless Transaction Corporation (through our push2pay ONLINE, FACEBOOK, and MOBILE Giving & Event Registration Tools) works with several thousand non-profits around the country in handling all of their contributions. A brief background on Paperless-we've been in the payment processing business since 1998. For the last 7+ years we've been very active (almost exclusively) working in the non-profit market to set churches, ministries, and traditional non-profits up with the ability to process credit cards, check cards, ACH/EFT, and Check 21 transactions.


Specifically, here are our points of distinction:

  1. We deeply, deeply understand non-profits.  We have thousands of non-profits that we service, all shapes, all sizes, from the smallest church to large international $50,000,000+ non-profits.

  2. This understanding allows us to have unique insight into targeted fundraising/giving.  Our salespeople are titled "Fundraising Analysts" for a reason...they know what it takes to leverage our Online, Facebook, and Mobile Technology tools which adds up to more fundraising dollars for your campaigns, more donor options for church members, and they make it turn-key for you the client (while giving you keen insight into what really works).

  3. Our pricing is very competitive.  We’re one of the few processors in the country who pro-actively work with non-profits and ministries to qualify them for the charity rates that are offered by Visa and Discover.

  4. We have our own API and Payment Gateway (go to in addition to being a Payment Processor.  This enables us to (1) maintain the highlest level of PCI security (through our Transparent Redirect and Profile Management system) for our clients, (2) be a "one-source" provider for all forms of payments, (3) offer clients the ability to capture up to 30 custom fields with each donation/purchase, and (4) offer best-of-class reporting tools and features such as a Custom Data Export tool and Custom Emails/Email Receipting. 

"Fundraising Finally Clicks" for Non-Profits

At Push2Pay, we understand that raising funds for your cause is critical to your mission.  

Without fundraising, there is no advancement.

So, we have (we believe) a fundraising strategy is both comprehensive (targeting all potential donors) and effective (for donor acquisition, more recurring donors, and more contributions).

Allow us to tell you more through an online presentation that will give you an overview of all of our offerings.

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